Luke Haywood (@haywood_fitness)

  • UKUP Men’s Physique 40+ British Champion
  • UKUP Pro Athlete

“I met Donna when I was 9 weeks out from competing at my very first men’s physique competition. I needed guidance with nutrition, training plan and posing, she offered all of these services, which was great.


Donna very quickly designed my personal training and nutrition plan and spent a lot of time, either face to face or by email guiding me throughout the entire process.


I couldn’t have achieved what I did without her and can say that if you’re looking for a coach, look no further, she’s truly amazing.”

Samuel Osisanya (@silverbacksam)

  • Classic Physique 1st place Amateur Olympia

“I approached Donna in May of 2018, we had a brief sit down to discuss my plans, goals and what we wanted to do with training- we both agree on a show towards the end of year, the Amateur Olympia! Donna quickly told me how she worked and how we were going to plan around my schedule and hers. I received my plan and it was splendid- we quickly put it to action.


Prior to this I had taken 3 years out to help myself grow and achieved an even greater goal from my first bodybuilding competition. From here Donna adjusted my diet, training and plan regularly. She reviewed both the plan and my physique through face to face sessions, weekly check ins and emails. The aim was to compete and place highly and instead of just placing I WON my category- Men’s Classic Physique at the highest stage of all, Amateur Olympia.


Training with Donna and generally having her there for support was great. She is a great coach and friend. She put me through some of the most gruelling training sessions and pushed me to be coming better, stronger and more confident in myself. She regularly helped me with my posing and to make it the best it could be as well as working on and changing my training style to adopt to the growth of all my weakest muscles. In conclusion, I would choose to go with Donna once again because she is a great motivator.”

Jon Wheeler

  • Men’s Under 80’s Bodybuilding
  • British Championship Finalist

“So, at the age of 40 I decided I wanted to compete again but unfortunately told I was too out of shape and too old to get back into it. But then I met Donna, not only did she tell me I COULD do it but also coached me- giving me encouragement, support and pushed me hard in the gym and as a result getting me into the best shape of my life. I’m so thankful for what Donna did for me. A great coach, a great training partner. The pictures speak for themselves.”

Emily Rich (@emfitnessfreak)

  • Former UKBFF Bikini Athlete
  • Wellness Athlete

“This year will be my 6th prep that I have done with Donna.


Each year, I have learnt more about training & nutrition and got better results.


Donna taught me a lot about work ethic and patience to really build the physique I’ve always wanted.


Whether it’s competing or just looking good on holiday, you will get results!”

Scott Brown

  • UKBFF Men’s Physique British Finalist
  • Fitness Model
  • FMC Fitness and Tattooed Model Pro Athlete
  • Pure Elite Fitness and Tattooed Muscle Pro
  • Miami Pro Men’s over 35 and Tattooed Muscle Pro

“I met Donna in 2013 at a time in my life where I was looking for structure and direction. I had always trained, but at 30 years old never learned to train and focus down to the level of the individual muscles, opposed to just the muscle groups. My knowledge on nutrition was purely calorie deficit and nothing more. Donna inspired me, brought me into an environment of people with a similar goal and help structure and drive the change in my body, mindset and furthermore my education on the industry and nutrition. She gave me the confidence in my physique to step on stage and once the stabilizers where off you couldn’t stop my desire to grow and improve and succeed.


I have been fortunate enough to qualify for the UKBFF British Finals Men’s Physique, took at pro card at FMC as Fitness Model and Tattooed Muscle, Pure Elite- Men’s Fitness and Tattooed Muscle Pro, along with Miami pro- Men’s Fitness Over 35’s Pro and Tattooed Muscle pro since I started this journey in fitness! She has also supported me in presenting myself in the best shape with some of the best photographers in Giles Crofta and Christopher Bailey. I am now fortunate enough to call Donna my friend.”

Mo Makinde-Akanni (@makinde_93)

  • 1st Place UKDFBA Classic Middleweight Champion 18’
  • 3rd Place UKDFBA International Finals 18’

Competing for the first time definitely felt like a whole new world. Training harder and smarter than ever before. Waking earlier and being disciplined in sleeping times. Letting someone else coach and advise you on your own body, allowing them to take the reigns on your nutrition. The emotional roller coaster and just feeling like a ghost for months on end. All of this, plus more, to put your physique in the most elite condition it’s ever been since birth. Don’t let posing pull you back.


My coach Acos Ashioti recommended posing practise with Donna after qualifying for the UKDFBA Novice Finals. Those sessions turned my most uncomfortable pose, the most muscular, to my most formidable. Transformed my unflattering side tricep to a pose of severe striations. Giving me techniques to control my breathing and easy to remember instructions to display my physique to the utmost. The sessions were hard work, but so is bodybuilding. Don’t let posing pull you back.

Lucy Evans

  • 1st Place Novice Bikini at the Ben Weider World Classic 2bros
  • 1st Place Open Bikini at the Ben Weider World Classic 2bros
  • 4th Place Amateur Olympia Ben Weider 2bros

“Donna helped me achieve the physique I am most proud of!


We started working together during my third competitive season, where I took first place for the first time, after only 10 weeks with her.


We did a total of two shows with around two months between show days and both processes were amazing, difficult- but amazing. Definitely my most relaxed prep so far simply because she handled everything; from posing and pt sessions to diet and nutrition… she even secured the last makeup slot on show day for me, life saver! All whilst prepping herself!!


Donna really does go above and beyond for her clients and working with her was a pleasure!


Thanks so much Don, you’re an amazing woman, athlete and coach!”

Alex Moore

  • Top 3 UKUP Men’s Physique

“I started with Donna 2 months out from my first show, I had done a posing class before a few years ago to start learning. 


The amount of knowledge she has showed me how wrong I had been shown before and how my angles did not show off my best physique. 


I went from very stiff and boxy looking to flowing and smooth transitions, showing off the very best of me. I placed well in my category! Thanks Donna!!!”