Donna Murphy is ranked one of the top female bodybuilding athletes within the United Kingdom today. The IFBB Professional and British Champion has over 6 years competing, holds several titles and has been featured in major health publications such as Flex Magazine. She is now believed to be the next UK athlete to qualify and step on the very famous Olympia stage in Vegas.


A body composition coach and qualified fitness professional Donna has over 10 years experience working within the fitness industry, coaching a wide range of clients from high performance athletes to post-natal clients, from bodybuilding champions to new gym goers.


Donna has worked across the United Kingdom as well as branching out to online coaching assisting those in the United States and into Europe. The super energetic and enthusiastic coach has also taught several fitness classes over the years, held private fitness and bodybuilding seminars and been invited as a guest to many exciting industry events. Posing and stage presence is also something the competitor herself teaches and holds many private one to one posing and choreographing sessions. Coming from a childhood of martial arts, dance and sport Donna is a well rounded athlete with a lot to offer.


Donna specialises mainly in transformations and is passionate to help those who need her help- regardless of how big or small that goal may be. Transform your body, your mind and achieve your goals. This website provides you with a platform to reach out to Donna for personalised individual coaching as well as all the content you will need on training, nutrition, supplements and lifestyle that will benefit you whatever your endeavour and motivation may be. You will also find an insight to Donna herself, the life of an athlete and what her own training, nutrition and competitive preparation looks like.


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